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This is the personal website of Ernst Galutschek, for the purpose of sharing video clips, photos and other content with friends and anyone else who may be interested.

Text? Being frequently asked by visitors to my website, I may briefly introduce myself:

During my career I have worked in a number of different environments ranging from oceanography and geosciences to fusion research, medical physics or semiconductor lithography.

Before moving to the Netherlands I lived in Aix-en-Provence, Woods Hole, MA, Oak Ridge, TN and Oberkochen, Germany. You might have also met me during research visits to Culham near Oxford as well as Gießen, Garching or Berlin in Germany. However, I still adore my hometown Vienna: Growing up at the banks of the Danube River afforded me the opportunity to become very passionate about opera and theater.

The content on this webpage is neither focusing on my professional career, nor on my interest in theater, architecture or stage design: I am travelling by ship since 1979; in 1989 I got my first video camera, since then video footage on ships accumulated.
Some of this footage can now be accessed in the public section of this webpage: www.shipvideos.net or www.shipvideclips.net - only a few links on other topics are available.

For various reasons I decided to presented my video material in an encyclopedic manner - e.g. no music has been added. I am very honoured to host supplemental video material friends of mine have surrendered for publication on this website. These clips are explicitly marked as 'guest contributions'.

Please contact me if you cannot retrieve a link I may have sent you. It might be a link to the not publicly accessible section of my website.

To avoid compatibility problems, the site has been designed to be as simple as possible. The html code has been tested with the W3 validator. The use of non-html code has been limited to the overlibmws javascript library. Whereas this feature eases the navigation through this website it is not essential for accessing the here presented material.

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